Vestas Sailrocket 2012 - Speed sailing leaps and bounds. 50 knots, 2nd run!

After doing a slow sub 10 knot trial/test run with the new foil on the previous day, the team delivered VESTAS Sailrocket 2 over to the Walvis Bay speed sailing course and punched out a 50 knot peak speed on the following day. Paul Larsen was very happy with how well the new foils got up to speed in only moderate conditions i.e. 22-25 knots. In the video you can see that the boat was riding quite low at the back with the rear float often in contact with the water. This means that there is a lot more main foil in the water than is necessary. This creates a lot of drag. The team gathered a great deal of very useful data and will now try and trim the boat higher at the back. The target is 60 knots and above.
Music: Chicago by Groove Armada

  • Posted by: YACHT
  • Date: 17 October 2012
  • Category: Speed & Thrills
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