VESTAS Sailrocket 2 Support boat audition

This video shows VESTAS Sailrocket 2 doing it's first run over 50 knots. This camera is used to record the TACKTICK wind meter on the shore station. The top number on the display is the wind speed in knots. You can see the angle by the sand blowing. The 60hp support boat starts accelerating flat out at the same time as VSR2 does. The run only started a few hundred meters off camera. VSR2 is carrying a passenger for the first time during this run. About 400 meters later we hit over 54 knots (100kmh) for the first time. The support boat took a long time to catch up. This footage cracked us up when we saw it.

  • Posted by: YACHT
  • Date: 23 October 2011
  • Category: Speed & Thrills
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