VESTAS Sailrocket 2 onboard at 100kmh

Outright world speed sailing record contender, VESTAS Sailrocket 2, takes WIRED Journalist Adam Fisher for a joy ride during its trials in Namibia. It turns out to be the fastest run the boat has ever done with a peak over 100kmh. Adam thought it was just going to be a safe and cruisy ride... which is why he can't quite understand the number on the GPS at the end. VESTAS Sailrocket is only in crude trim here with a lot more potential still to come.
Film/Edit: Adam Fisher, Hiskia Sindimba, Helena Darvelid.
Music by Leftfield "Open up"
VESTAS Sailrocket RUN 13 in Walvis Bay Namibia.
Peak speed 54.41kn and a 500m average of just over 50kn.
Pilot Paul Larsen takes Adam Fisher for a ride in Vestas Sailrocket2.

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  • Date: 25 October 2011
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