Rudder Cup 2008 Nth Head

The Centenary Rudder Cup launch race around Sail Rock and back on the night of 12th December 2008. The first Rudder Cup race was run by the Squadron on 12th December 1908. It was won by the Matheson brothers in Maroro, which is lying needing a new owner at Okupu in Blind Bay. First over the line was Seabird....

It is going to be a RACE, not an exercise in maintaining an average speed. The basic eligibility will be vessels at least 30 years old or built to designs not less than 30 years old and there will be the usual divisions based on the present CYA launch classes.
The event will be by invitation to CYA members only and will be a handicap event, with the Cup miniature replica going to the overall handicap winner. However there will be many prizes for line and handicap in each division and supplementary prizes from sponsors. The handicaps will be sealed.

Seabird is coming up from Nelson so that there will be two of the 14 original 1908 starters in the race, Seabird which got line honours and Eliza, now Kumi, which beat Seabird in the subsequent challenge race to Russell and back in January 1909.

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  • Date: 13 December 2008
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