Transpac 2021 starts in one year

Transpac 2021 starts in one year_0
Taxi Dancer making an iconic finish at Diamond Head in 2019 - all photos Sharon Green/Ultimate Sailing
Transpac 2021 starts in one year_0
Taxi Dancer making an iconic finish at Diamond Head in 2019 - all photos Sharon Green/Ultimate Sailing

One year from now on July 13, 2021 the first of three waves of starters will set off on the 51st edition of one of the world's oldest and longest classic ocean races, the 2225-mile Transpac. First raced in 1906 and organized every two years by the Transpacific Yacht Club (TPYC), this race starts off Point Fermin in Los Angeles to finish just south of Diamond Head in Honolulu, with plenty of fun and adventure lying between.

Already 22 entries are on the entry list, representing all areas of the US, Canada and beyond, and organizers from TPYC will be expecting more soon as sailors look ahead to their planning to go back out to sea to race. "We think this solid start to our entry list is a sign that everyone who has been unable to sail much this year is really looking forward to get out and go sailing again," said TPYC Commodore Jim Eddy.

"Sailing to Hawaii is not an easy task but the challenge is worth it and it will be a refreshing and welcome change for all. We have a fantastic team of organizers both on the mainland and in Hawaii who stand ready to assist all those interested to join us next year, especially those who are doing this race for the first time." The majority of those on the entry list have already competed in one or more Transpacs, a testimony to this race's enduring appeal. It is not an easy race - it is long and will take most teams 10 days or more to complete - but the progressive change in conditions that start from cold, wet coastal reaching to become warm tropical downwind sailing is a joy for all who have raced this course.

"There are as many reasons to do this race as there are boats in the race," admits Eddy. "For last year's 50th edition we thought most of the entries would be those coming back to look for nostalgia, yet most were doing the race for their first time. I think in this next cycle we will see a lot of emphasis on friends and family given what we all have been facing this year, and the rewards of meeting awaiting friends and family in Hawaii who don't do the race is always popular." With the format of three separate start days - Tuesday, July 13th for the slowest boats, Friday July 16th for the mid-speed entries and Saturday July 17th for the fastest boats - the event gets compressed at its end and teams have time to de-compress, relax, and enjoy the hospitality of Hawaii before attending the spectacular Awards presentation ceremony scheduled for Friday, July 30th 2021. This event is special to Transpac, with a world-class display of perpetual trophies unlike any other race in the world of sailing.

Seaworthy monohulls over 30 feet in length are welcome to enter Transpac 2021, and offshore multihulls 45 feet in length and longer are also welcome to join the fun too. All boats must meet eligibility and safety requirements defined in the official Notice of Race. For everyone interested in being a part of ocean racing history in the 51st edition of the Transpac, starting one year from now in July 2021, stop dreaming and start planning!

And while you're doing this have a look and get inspired by this Transpac 2021 promotional video produced by T2P.TV Productions:

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