The Gonet Monofoil enjoys spectacular first season

The Gonet Monofoil enjoys spectacular first season_0
The Gonet Monofoil enjoys spectacular first season
The Gonet Monofoil enjoys spectacular first season_0
The Gonet Monofoil enjoys spectacular first season

The Gonet Monofoil is extremely fast and cutting edge, it's also very beautiful. But don't take our word for it, the videographer, Christophe Margot has followed the boat's story from concept to record attempts and has made a video – take a look for yourselves!

The impressive flying monohull created by Eric Monnin achieved a number of significant goals in 2018, proving the accuracy of the concept, and leaving plenty of room for further development.

Swiss sailor, Eric Monnin's gamble has paid off. The Gonet Monofoil, an innovative new foiling monohull, designed alongside Damien Weiss and Simon Bovay has enjoyed an impressive first season. And there is plenty of room for further development…

"The most positive take away from the season is that we have managed to validate our foiling monohull concept," explained Monnin. "From day one, we were able to sail consistently at high speed.

"When conditions allow, the Monofoil is the fastest monohull on Lake Geneva. It is also a solid boat that goes well in strong conditions."

Launched in spring 2018, the Gonet Monofoil did not notch up any victories or records in its first season due to it being a light air year for the Lake Geneva classics. The foiling boat needs a bit more breeze to perform to its full potential.

Two Ruban Violet (Lake Geneva record, run on the Bol d'Or course) attempts were aborted due to unfavourable weather conditions, but both outings proved to the team that the boat has ample potential to smash the record. The Ruban Violet has stood at 7h32m10s since 2007, set by the Psaros 40, Tilt.

"Thanks to our experience this season, we estimate that we should be able to knock a good hour off the record. The simulations are even more optimistic; however, the simulator runs calculations based on ideal conditions," said Monnin.

With a wealth of information gleaned from their first season, Monnin and his teammates plan to further lighten the boat this winter and to increase the size of the foils by 20%. Next year, the Gonet Monofoil team will race the Lake Geneva classics again, will attempt to break the Ruban Violet record and will compete in the Lake Garda Centomiglia, a 100-mile race.

Predating the wave of flying monohulls promoted by the next America's Cup, the Gonet Monofoil is at the very leading edge of cutting-edge technology. The project is supported by Gonet & Cie SA, present in Switzerland (Geneva and Lausanne) and in The Bahamas (Nassau).

2018 achievements


Geneva-Rolle-Geneva: 58th overall, 27th monohull, 13th in TCF1 Class, 16th on corrected

Bol d'Or Mirabaud: 34th overall, 9th monohull, 2nd in TCF1 Class, 5th on corrected 

Centomiglia: 2nd in the Open High-Tech Class.

Record attempts

7 July: Attempt aborted due to weather conditions

22 October: Attempt aborted due to weather conditions.

Unofficial records:

Top speed: 30.3 knots (Lake Garda)

Record of the year over 1km: 27 knots – 7 July 2018

Lausanne-Le Bouveret-Lausanne: 1h47m – less than an hour each way!

Technical specifications

Hull length: 8m

Beam: 2.5m

Displacement – empty: 700 kg

Mast height: 12.2m

Mainsail area: 32m2

Headsail area: 16m2

Gennaker area: 50m2

Information from the Gonet Monofoil

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