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18 Mar 19

Maxime Sorel and Clément Giraud for the 2020 Vendee Globe

They are among the newcomers to the IMOCA class. Maxime Sorel, 32, and...
Posted By: viking
Region: France
07 Mar 19

No plan B for Thomas Ruyant

No plan B for Thomas Ruyant: "I will be there at the start of the 2020...
Posted By: viking
Region: France
06 Oct 18

Details revealed about the crewed round the world race...

Accessible to interested teams since 1st October, the preliminary version...
Posted By: YACHT
Region: Europe
27 Jul 18

The next edition of the race is taking shape

The VO65 Class will return for the next race as the host city selection...
Posted By: YACHT
Region: Spain
05 Jul 18

Alex Thomson Racing Appoints World Renowned British Boat...

The boat, HUGO BOSS, will be constructed by Carrington Boats. Jason...
Posted By: YACHT
Region: UK
03 Jul 18

The IMOCAs around the world with a crew in 2021

After several months of talks and reflection, a partnership agreement has...
Posted By: YACHT
Region: France
02 Jul 18

IMOCA 60 boats have been invited to participate in the...

A partnership agreement has been made with the International Monohull Open...
Posted By: YACHT
Region: Netherlands
27 May 16

Transat bakerly - As one race finishes the next is confirmed

As The Transat bakerly 2016 came to an end – with the last finisher...
Posted By: YACHT
Region: USA
03 May 16

Downwind and heading south as fast as possible

Downwind and heading south as fast as possible is the game in the early...
Posted By: YACHT
Region: Atlantic Ocean
03 May 16

The Transat bakerly 2016 sets sail on one of the greatest...

The 25 boats in The Transat bakerly 2016 fleet set sail today on one of...
Posted By: YACHT
Region: UK
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