Some fun from the Nacra 17 fleet.

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Some fun from the Nacra 17 fleet._2
Hempel World Sailing Championships. Sailing Energy

The Nacra 17 has three more races scheduled for tomorrow followed by their medal race on Sunday.

Siblings Nathan and Haylee Outteridge had a fantastic day to kick off gold fleet, with a first, third and fifth shifting them up into first overall. These two have only been sailing the Nacra 17 since June, but have quickly found a way to be competitive and and consistent.

Nathan comes to the Nacra 17 from a third place finish in the 2017 America's Cup as sailing director and helmsman of Artemis Racing. He also won a Silver medal at the Rio Olympics in 49er and a Gold medal in the 49er in London before that. It will be no surprise to the sailing world he's finding success in another Olympic class, but leading at this stage of a World Championship is likely beyond their expectations at this point. A windy forecast for tomorrow should prove another test for these two amiable sailors.

With an almost identical scoreline to the Outteridges today was Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti (ITA) who scored a 3, 5, 2. Tita and Banti have dominated the Nacra 17 fleet since it went foiling, but suffered a tough final four races in qualifying. They were disqualified for a boat on boat incident in race four, and then make a couple mistakes on the final day when it was incredibly light. Nevertheless, with their three bullets to start the regatta and a great day today, they find themselves back in contention in fifth place.

With a number of light and shifty races so far this championship, a windy day of racing should make for a well rounded regatta, and be a great reflection of who's at the top of the game. The Nacra 17 races are scheduled to be on TV, so stay tuned from 15:30 local time.

Nacra 17 Top 5 – Full Results

1 AUS Nathan and Haylee Outteridge 42

2 ARG Santiago Lange, Cecelia Carranza 45

3 DEN Lin Cenholt, CP Lubeck 46

4 BRA Samuel Albrecht, Gabi Nicolino 47

5 ITA Ruggero Tita, Caterina Banti 58

49erFX Top 5 – Full Results

1 AUT Tanja Frank, Lorena Abicht 71

2 GBR Sophie Weguelin, Sophie Ainsworth 82

3 NED Annemiek Bekkering, Annette Duetz 85

4 DEN Jena Hansen, Katja Iversen 89

5 BRA Martine Grael, Kahena Kunze 96

49er Top 5 – Full Results

1 CRO Sime and Mihovil Fantela 48

2 GER Tim Fischer, Fabien Graf 48

3 GER Erik Heil, Thomas Ploellel 60

4 SUI Sebastien Schnieter, Lucas Cujean 66

5 NZL Logan Dunning Beck, Oscar Gunn 67

Iker Martinez Protest Update

The 2018 World Championship jury issued an update to the misconduct hearings against Iker Martinez (ESP) following his refusal of entry to the regatta. Here is a full copy of the findings.

Critically, the facts found state that Martinez deliberately modified his boat and then lied about it to the Jury Panel. As the Nacra 17 is a manufacture one design, no modification to a boat are allowed, and taking that a step further, all repairs must be approved by the class Technical Committee.

The panel ominously states it's power to penalize Martinez beyond the existing penalty of refusal of entry, is "severely restricted" and they will report this decision to World Sailing under Racing Rule 69.2 (j)(2). It would appear that the jury panel is keen to have World Sailing impose further penalties upon Martinez at a later date.

Martinez has asked that the case be re-opened again, sighting casebook case number 139. This case refers directly to when a case should be sent to World Sailing. One would suppose that Martinez will try to argue that the case should be to sent to his MNA instead of to World Sailing for further review. At this point it would appear that arguments have moved away from the facts found toward the penalties to be suffered.

The modification to ESP 70, his Nacra 17, was to elongate the area where the top bearing slides on each side of the boat to 79.5 mm from the standard of 75mm. This allows the top bearing to be moved farther aft than on a standard boat, allowing for increased lift from the daggerboards. On each side of the hull, the original bolt holes were filled and new holes drilled farther aft, and a medal guide was also altered.

Olga Maslivets, the crew of ESP 70, has not been named in any of the protest documentation. She did not immediately respond when asked for comment.

The Nacra 17 Class has been focused on continual improvement of equipment and quality since the 2016 Olympics and the introduction to foiling. By placing a dual emphasis on reliability and consistency on all parts, we are aiming to have a zero tolerance policy toward modifications. The Class works with the sailors to change rules where necessary (The Class has had roughly 60 AGM/EGM submissions in 18 months) and continues to work with Nacra Sailing to change the build specification when sailors agree and where it is necessary.

All of the Class's measurers were brought to Palma this year, at the Class' expense, to build the relationship with sailors and to ensure a consistent focus in their measurement approach. The Class technical committee has been active all year, lead by David McNabb.m and World Sailing has supported the Class's efforts by allocating significant technical resources.

"While we aspire to much more improvement I am satisfied with the direction of the Class over the last 18 months toward a level playing field with regard to equipment. We have worked with the manufacturer, sailors, Class technical committee, and World Sailing to start to create an environment where everyone trusts that they are racing with the same equipment as their competitors. We are not there yet but we are committed to the strict one design ethos and will continue to work as a collective. We aim to achieve the progression in rules and equipment specifications that this a Class needs in an effort to satisfy the best sailors in the world. While very disappointed with this situation and the unwanted focus on cheating, our measurement procedures have worked, in this case, to ensure that we are a strict one design Class" said Class President, Marcus Spillane.

"While an incident like the one playing out this week grabs headlines, it takes the consistent work of a large number of people to create a Class culture we can be proud of," said Class manager, Ben Remocker.

Information from Nacra 17 Association

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