Reflections on Last Day of GP42 Global Cup

17 Oct 2009    

Quotes of the day          

          Reflections on today's battles for the overall Global Cup crown, and the altercation between Roma (ITA) and Islas Canarias Puerto Calero (ESP).

Paolo Cian (ITA) skipper, Roma 2 (ITA):
“This was a hard-fought victory for us, and a long time in coming. The MedCup did not go our way – the Puerto Calero team have a fast boat and they did a very good job – but I think our teamwork and hard efforts finally paid off here. This is a great victory for the entire Roma team.”

Matias Picornell (ESP), navigator, Roma 2 (ITA):
“Not winning the MedCup was a real lesson for us, but we learned a lot and have finally put all that to work here in Lanzarote. We hope we can use this again next year to continue our success here.”

Juan Luis Páez (ESP), helmsman Caser-Endesa (ESP):
“It's been a good day today, although we are a bit disappointed too. We've won two races today, and were third in another one, so I think we kind of deserved being second...but Islas Canarias Puerto Calero were very strong today. I think the three first boats, Roma, Islas Canarias Puerto Calero, and us, we've set a difference with the rest of the fleet.”

José María Ponce (ESP), helmsman Islas Canarias Puerto Calero (ESP):
“The protest [between us and Roma] has been dismissed, because we've not presented it in time, so they haven't even looked at it. In any case Roma has been very consistent, and in regards with the protest, I think we would have won it. Anyway I think we've done a great job today, despite our starts, which were all very complicated.”

Paolo Cian (ITA), helmsman Roma II (ITA):
 “The truth is that it would have been very disappointed to end up losing the championship [due to a protest] after our consistency. But the GP42’s are like football, you have to wait until the last minute. And I already said it yesterday, that we had to wait, because things could change. This is one of the most equal fleets there is in sailing.” Photo:
1) Puerto Calero GP42 Global Cup 2009, 17 10 2009 © Nico Martinez/Puerto Calero GP42 Global Cup

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