LUCA NICOLINI an Unforgettable Powerboat Champion

LUCA NICOLINI an Unforgettable Powerboat Champion_0
Luca “Ciccio” Nicolini
LUCA NICOLINI an Unforgettable Powerboat Champion_0
Luca “Ciccio” Nicolini

Luca "Ciccio" Nicolini tragically passed away at the fatal accident occurred in Venice, at the end of the course track Montecarlo/Venice.

Luca was one of the most powerboat passionate. He debuted in Class 2—Class 3 and Endurance when he was very young, harvesting title and victories in all three categories like few others, and finally won the World Superboat USA Championship in 1989 with Daniel Scioli, the Argentinian champion, as well as several European titles in many offshore classes.

Luca also competed in Class 1 with his brother Matteo, always benchmarking his unparalleled great skills of man and powerboat professional driver.

Since 2010 he has been an active member of the XCAT family, at first as a driver and then as Team Manager, always very much appreciated and loved by everybody in the circus for his professionalism, joy of life and humanity.

The whole XCAT family expresses its most sincere sympathies and condolences to Luca’s family and particularly to Carlo, Matteo and Ale.

Ciccio, you will always be in our hearts and thoughts and already miss you very much.

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