Last Day for GP42 Global Cup

17 Oct 2009    

Last chance          

          "It looks great for today." So says PRO Peter Reggio about the prospects for three races in the same perfect 10-15 knot conditions enjoyed here all week. With a 9-point lead, the Roma (ITA) team seems relaxed, but not too relaxed, as they must go out and continue to demonstrate the same consistency they've had all week and not fall into any traps.

And with the strong left-side bias in the course area off Playa Honda north of the airport, the traps are there for anyone who cannot get to that corner where a favorable shift and less adverse current lies as a reward. If the breeze does increase up to over 15 knots, then the effect is slightly less, but if the trend of increasing pressure through the day continues it may be all over by then with a winner already in hand.

The reason for the constraint of course location is simple: water depth. Reggio and team have their signal boat anchored in 65m of water depth, and just a few metres away that depth plunges to over 300, impossible to anchor anything. And trying to go closer to shore makes the bias even stronger, so Reggio is literally on the edge.

As will be eight lucky guests who will be perched one each on the stern of each of the GP42’s today, a template of the programme used in the practice racing in this class but will be used as a regular feature in next year’s Audi MedCup. “This is very valuable for us,” says Javier Goizueta (ESP), owner of Caser-Endesa (ESP). "It gives us the opportunity to have sponsors experience firsthand the beauty and intensity of this sport. Everyone who goes loves it.” Photo:
1) Puerto Calero GP42 Global Cup 2009, 16 10 2009 © Nico Martinez/Puerto Calero GP42 Global Cup

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