J/70 Nordic Championship Preview

J/70 Nordic Championship Preview_0
J/70 Nordic Championship Preview_0

The J/70 Nordic Championship and J/70 Norwegian Championship will be held at Hanko, Norway from June 27th to 29th, hosted by the Hanko Yacht Club. The thirty-six entries are composed of 21 Norwegian and 15 foreign teams from Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

The top hometown teams include Egil Ronaes' LUCKY JACK, Halvor Friisk's SINNATAGG Sailing Team, Kristoffer Spone's HELLY HANSEN II, Madeleine Osteby's TEAM SUMMIT TO SAIL, and Marie Lothe's NOR 1. The top Swedish team is Anders Rosenberg's DYNAMANT and the top Danish team is Bjerne Sorensen's FRYNSKE BANK. For more J/70 Nordic Championship sailing information

GRUNDIG Hankø Race Week 2019

Hankø Race Week was established in 1882 and has over 137 years developed as the greatest one design event in Norway. In cooperation with Fredrikstad Seilforening, Hankø Yacht Club and GRUNDIG, we are aiming to bring this historical event to a new level. We look forward seeing you at Hankø for some spectacular racing.

Hankø has been the main venue for international regattas in Norway for the last hundred years. The sailing will take place just off the island in open waters, where the wind and sea conditions are very predictable. When the sea breeze fills in from south this is for sure one of the best race courses in Norway, some says in the world.

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