Hierarchy of sports in a COVID19 lockdown

Hierarchy of sports in a COVID19 lockdown_0
Sailing - File Image by Cathy Vercoe
Hierarchy of sports in a COVID19 lockdown_0
Sailing - File Image by Cathy Vercoe

According to the New Zealand Government boating, sailing and kayaking is not an essential activity.

Hierarchy of sports in a COVID19 lockdown_1
Swimmer - File Image by Cathy Vercoe
Hierarchy of sports in a COVID19 lockdown_1
Swimmer - File Image by Cathy Vercoe

In New Zealand the government has clarified the rules on the 30-day lockdown.

The Rules.

No swimming, tramping, boating allowed

Ministry of Health and police have released additional guidelines for Alert Level 4, including around shared bubbles and what exercise people can partake in.

Most New Zealanders had been complying with the rules since lockdown began, he said.

"The best way to ensure the success of the lockdown is for everyone to play their part.

That means staying at home, maintaining physical distancing when outdoors and washing your hands."

We are lucky in New Zealand because we are allowed to exercise, but I don’t think the government thought this through because recreation in New Zealand is not only a huge part of our lifestyle, but the choices of sports and recreation are huge and much is defined by our unique geography. I imagine they decided that the population should exercise to mitigate the danger of another contagion; cabin fever.

I have just returned from my Government approved walk and I really don’t get how on earth they chose which things we could do or not do.

The literature states that swimming at the beach is banned because should you get in trouble then emergency workers would have to break their isolation to rescue you. Why can we not swim close to shore?

What I don’t understand is why swimming is different to the kid I have just witnessed sitting on a skateboard riding it down a steep path in the local park? So, what if he fell and broke his leg. The same emergency workers will have to attend an accident should he come to grief.

Is sailing more dangerous then say running, bike riding, skateboarding or walking? Surely all sports except eSports have some risk of injury.

Tennis too has it risks. Let’s talk about Tennis, why are the tennis courts open, but the golf courses are closed? Surely tennis means closer contact than golf?

Running is an approved sport by the Government rules, but it’s been said in the media that one should avoid the sweat from running persons as it can transport the virus, so one has to question why running is allowed when swimming in the sea isn’t? Surely when swimming the sweat is mitigated by the salt water?

There are many people taking their approved recreation by cycling, isn’t cycling more dangerous than sailing, fishing, boating, kayaking or canoeing? Yes!

Who gets to choose which sports are allowed and what is banned in an emergency? Someone must!

We know from data previously published that during the Christmas holidays the accident rate goes up; this climb is because more people are pursuing any given sport each day so it’s a simple calculation that more gets more.

So, what’s the land-based accident rate in a lockdown?

Then there are the cruisers who got out of the harbours before the nationwide lock downs. What I would like to know is what happens once lockdowns expire? Do these cruisers have to complete a mandatory 14 day isolation when they return to land? Who will police this?

In New Zealand, with boating on the list of banned activities, cruisers are outside the law and acting illegally, but if they are lucky the law will overlook the problem because they have insufficient resources to police the number of people supposedly self-isolating in their boats.

I sincerely hope that lockdown works, and the health care system is spared the massive influx of sick people or deaths the virus could impose, the inconsistencies are however everywhere you look, and recreational options have not been thought through.

I do not want my personal investment in the lockdown to be wasted so I would like to see it work. I expect everyone to play by the rule book.

The problem is that the rule book is being made up by the Government on the run.

By Viking.

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