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Since 2001, South Pacific Industrial Pty Ltd has been manufacturing and selling anchor windlasses and capstans for boats from 4 metres up to 13.5 metres (20ft to 45ft).

One of the main reasons we started this business is because we found that most windlasses on the market only catered for larger boats of 10 metres plus, and thus we wondered: what did the smaller boat owners use to lift and drop the anchor? The answer: their hands. And so we thought, surely there must be a better way.

With that in mind we looked further into the windlass market and found that most anchor windlasses were priced such that it was out of reach for most boat owners. Again we thought that there must be a better way.

And so in the summer leading up to Christmas of 2001, the very first model was released - the710H, which is a power out/power down with a nylon gypsy (chain wheel) suitable for boats under 6 metres. This has become our flagship model and continues to prove very popular.

The reception of the 710H was overwhelming and over the next few months we quickly realised that customers wanted more options. Specifically, they wanted the ability to free fall the anchor and a stainless steel gypsy. So we gave them what they wanted. The 710F with dual function free fall was introduced. Also for those fortunate enough to go out boating frequently an optional upgrade to a stainless steel gypsy was made available.

Again, our customers wanted more. This time they wanted bigger models. So currently our range of anchor windlasses and capstans are suitable for boats from 4.5m up to 13.5 metres (45 feet).

We do sell direct to the public and try our best to find affordable postage with the quickest delivery time possible.

We invite you to browse around our website. If you would like more information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are not here to give you what you don't need but rather, to help you with something that you do need: safe and easy boating trips!


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