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Stress Free Marine’s range of innovative, award winning electric boat winches help you catch more fish!

The Stress Free Marine electric boat anchor winch is just like having an extra crew member tending the anchor for you raising and lowering your anchor quickly, safely and effortlessly.

"The winch is faultless, absolutely bullet proof". Andrew Nieuwenhoven - read more.

There is no need to tie off your anchor rope, no racing down to the bow to drop or raise the anchor. No tangled rope and chain in the anchor well. No strained back or frustrated amateur crew. No rushing around the boat to move your mooring.

Simply drive the boat to where you want to fish, push a button and the anchor is lowered quickly without fuss or bother. It is even automatically secured.
You can lower and retrieve your anchor rope using our Australian made electric anchor winches at a rate between 80 and 90 feet per minute!

The revolutionary Stress Free Marine electric drum anchor winch is available in a range of capacities, and there’s one designed just to fit into your boat.

In fact our boat anchor winches are so well respected by the boating industry that you can order your new boat factory fitted with a Stress Free Marine electric boat winch from most manufacturers including:

* Kevlacat
* Bar Crusher
* Nautic Star
* Cruise Craft
* Stabi Craft
* Streaker
* Theodore
* Many more...
* Northbank

The reliability of our product is backed up by a 36 month warranty to recreational users and 12 months to professional fisherman and/or charter operators.


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