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MTU 2000 Common Rail Engines Pack More Punch!!!

Posted by Transdiesel Posted on Mon, 21 Jun 2010

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MTU 2000 Common Rail Engines pack more punch!!!

Following on from the increased output for the 12V and 16V 2000 Series Common Rail engines, MTU have now released the new M94 ratings for the 8V and 10V 2000 Series. The new ratings provide 932kw (1250bhp) and 1193kw (1600hp) at 2450rpm respectively. The M94 rating for the Series 2000 Common Rail Engines boasts the highest horsepower in its class and an improved power-to-weight ratio.

Horsepower has been increased by up to 8% over the previous Series 2000 marine engine. Giving a power range on the 2000 Series from 720kw (965bhp) through to 1939kw (2600bhp)

The M94’s increased horsepower and excellent power-to-weight ratio was achieved thanks to MTU having the key technology know how in house: turbo charging, fuel injection and engine control.
Turbocharger selection was optimized for fuel consumption at cruise speed and its ability to generate higher boost pressure at lower engine speeds. This is one of the major advances for a reduction of a vessel’s acceleration time.
Another strong point of the MTU Series 2000 M94 engine is that it not only conforms to worldwide emissions standards, including EPA Tier 2 commercial and IMO, but also comes standard with SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) certification. It features double wall fuel lines and triple wall water cooled turbocharger and exhaust routings that keep the engine surface temperature under 220° Celsius. This low engine surface temperature is not only a matter of safety, but a matter of comfort as well - as it translates into a comparatively low engine room temperature.
The M94 has also been engineered to be a quiet engine, with one of the lowest sound pressures, even at idle or slow speed operation.
The M94 versions of the 8V and 10V engines are now in production.

Combining the new rating on the MTU 8V2000M94 with the ZF4000 Series Pod drive makes for some exciting design and performance possibilities in pleasure craft between 60 and 120ft.

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