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Tradition Merges With Revolution

Posted by Transdiesel Posted on Mon, 21 Jun 2010

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Tradition Merges with Revolution
TransDiesel Ltd announce the arrival of the MTU and ZF 4000 Series Engine / POD drive package for larger motor launches.
Combined with MTU Series 60 or the 2000 Series engines, the ZF 4000 Series POD is one of the most efficient propulsion systems, ideal for large, twin-engined pleasure craft of 50 to 75 feet overall length, but equally suitable for superyachts up to 120 feet, with a triple or quad configuration. The increased propulsion efficiency, compared to traditional shaft-line systems, can result in speed increases up to 15% and significant reduction in fuel consumption at cruising speed (up to 20%). Better performance also means less environmental pollution and reduced initial and through-life costs.
The system comprises a standard transmission mounted to a steerable pod unit with twin, counter-rotating propellers. The ZF POD 4000 is compact and lightweight and represents the latest evolution of podded drives already on the market, from which it distinguishes itself by an innovative and patented system which keeps the vessel at a given position.

The advantages of the ZF POD are numerous, particularly regarding the performance. The superior efficiency of the ZF POD, compared to traditional propulsion systems, results in increased cruising speed of up to 15% with the same installed power. This improved performance is accompanied by up to 20% reduction in fuel consumption, with corresponding environmental benefits.

Concerning the manoeuvrability when docking, the ZF POD is controlled by a joystick which is connected to an integrated electronic control system. All functions are therefore controlled simply and intuitively, for easy and safe handling of the vessel.

Vertically installed each pod unit is independently steered, guaranteeing excellent stability when turning at any speed. When cruising, manoeuvrability is exceptional, thanks to an electronically controlled steering system which actuates the POD either for comfortable cruising, or more aggressive driving. Functions are precisely controlled and simply intuitive. One hand controls it all - sideways tracking, turning on the spot – all with accurate speed control. The reliable, smooth, electric motor which steers each pod is fitted with sensors which optimize boat handling under all conditions.
Using trolling valves and the advanced Joystick Manoeuvring System (JMS) all ZF POD manoeuvring
Whether at the dock or backing down on a blue marlin, this total command and manoeuvrability is unbeatable!
Selected Features:
• Drive-by-wire, electrically actuated steering
• Joystick with proportional speed control
• Electronic throttle & shift control
• Electronically controlled interceptors
• Auto sync
• Single lever control
• Docking mode
• Trolling mode
• Warm-up mode
• Display
• GPS station keeping

Paul Powney, Marine Manager for TransDiesel Ltd, commented “ We are already in preliminary discussions with selected New Zealand Boat Builders and Designers and the prospects are very exciting”.

For more information contact TransDiesel Ltd 09 303 1946
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