AUTOTETHER™ Wireless Lanyard

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AUTOTETHER™ Wireless Lanyard for Fisherman, Sailors, and Recreational Boaters!

yourself with an AUTOTETHER™ kit, a revolutionary new wireless lanyard
that connects directly to the engine kill switch. Protecting the boat
operator and up to 3 passengers including pets, allowing unrestricted
movement about the boat.

Man Overboard Wireless Motor Shutoff.

If the operator falls overboard the motor will shut off and an alarm will
sound or if a passenger falls overboard the alarm will sound. For sailboats,
there is a loud alarm system available

  • Simple Installation requiring no tools!
  • Sounds an alarm!
  • No more tangled lanyards!
  • Freely go anywhere on the boat!
  • Portable from boat to beach

is portable and is powered by standard AAA batteries that provide up to
150 hours of protection. Take it from the boat to the beach. If your
child, wearing the personal sensor, strays more than 100 feet or goes
in the water the alarm will sound.

AUTOTETHER™ brings boating safety to a new level.


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