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Single Screw Passenger Ferry

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  • Single Screw Passenger Ferry
    The M/V “Oceanic Explorer” is a single-screw, motor pleasure/passenger boat ferry of all-steel, welded construction with raked stem, cruiser stern, superstructure from forward to aft, and machinery space located at aft of midship.
    Most recently used as a tourist vessel in the Phillipines.




    flippishima Zosen Ltd

    109' 3" - 33.31m

    Hull Material:

    Deck Material:

    One (1) unit Yanmar diesel engine, model T260-ST with engine no. 81520,1400hp, six (6) cylinders, turbocharged, connected through shafting to a five (5) bladed bronze propeller.

    The superstructure houses the partly raised wheelhouse at bridge deck, open deck space at forward, guest saloon, four (4) guest cabins, bar/guest dining area at aft of Deck A, crew quarter, galley, four (4) guest cabins at forward, dive launch deck area, four (4) guest cabins at Deck B, seven (7) guest cabin and a common watercloset/bathroom at Deck C.

    Safety Gear:
    Two (2) units inflatable liferafts, each 20 persons capacity and launched through hydrostatic release mechanism.
    Two (2) units fiberglass chase boats, each propelled by two (2) units Suzuki 200 outboard motors
    Seventy two (72) pcs. Life jackets, each with light and whistle.
    Four (4) pcs. Lighted life ring buoys
    Twenty two (22) bottles brand new dry chemical-type portable fire extinguishers, each 9lbs capacity.
    Nine (9) pcs. Fire hoses, each 20 m long
    One (1) sets fireman’s outfitTwo (2) pcs. Fire axes.
    Six (6) pcs. Fire buckets

    One (1) unit Tokyo Keiki electro-hydraulic steering console fitted steering wheel, push button steering, rudder angle indicator, gyro compass with 4 repeaters, engine telegraph, rpm indicator, rudder angle indicator, pressure gauges and emergency stop button.
    2. Rudder angle indicator
    3. One (1) unit Furuno marine radar, model RDP-141 with serial no. 4322-2878.
    4. One (1) unit Furuno marine radar, model RDP-130 with serial no. 4305-2424.
    5. One (1) unit ICOM SSB radio transceiver, model no. IC-M700PRO with serial no. 03045.
    6. One (1) unit Horizon VHF radio transceiver, model GX-1250S with serial no. 04U-22010.
    7. One (1) unit Furuno GPS navigator, model GP-31 with serial no. 3427-9471.
    8. One (1) unit Interphase echo sounder with serial no. 552-U41541.
    9. One (1) unit SFA Scout echo sounder with serial no. 812-U41541
    10. Three (3) units Icom hand held radio transceiver, model IC-V8.
    11. One (1) unit Smart link telephone.
    12. Air horn
    13. Clinometer
    14. One (1) unit barometer
    15. One (1) unit magnetic compass

    Two (2) units Yanmar diesel engines, each model 6HAL-N with engine no 91233(port) and 91227(starboard), each 150hp, six (6) cylinders, turbocharged 1800rpm and drives a 125kva generator.
    2. One (1) unit air compressor, electric motor-driven.
    3. One (1) unit emergency air compressor, driven by a single-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine model NS-40-G.
    4. One (1) unit lube oil priming pump, electric motor-driven.
    5. One (1) unit emergency lube oil priming pump, electric motor-driven.
    6. One (1) unit sea water sanitary pump, electric motor-driven.
    7. One (1) unit sewage pump, electric motor-driven.
    8. One (1) unit general service pump, driven by a 22kw electric motor.
    9. One (1) unit fire pump, driven by a 22kw electric motor.
    10. One (1) unit sea water cooling pump for air con condenser cooling, electric motor-driven.
    11. Two (2) units sea water pumps for main engine fresh water cooler, each electric motor-driven.
    12. Two (2) unit fuel transfer pumps, each electric motor-driven.
    13. One (1) unit lube oil transfer pump, electric motor-driven.
    14. One (1) unit Taiko oily water separator.
    15. One (1) unit bilge pump, electric motor-driven.
    16. One (1) unit hydraulic pump for the steering gear, driven by an electric motor.
    17. One (1) unit hydraulic pump for the crane with telescopic boom, driven by an electric motor.
    18. Two (2) units engine room blowers, each electric motor-driven.
    19. Two (2) bottles air tanks for main engine starting air.
    20. One (1) unit grinder, electric motor-driven
    21. One (1) unit welding machine.
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