Popeyes and Lucas Oil-Peppers Offshore Race Teams Win Class at Lake of the Ozarks Shootout!

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Popeyes and Lucas Oil-Peppers Offshore Race Teams Win Class at Lake of the Ozarks Shootout!_2
Freeze Frame and Jeff Girardi

Lucas Oil-Peppers and Popeyes Offshore Race Teams joined forces again this season to make the top speed of 118 MPH in the MC4F2 class for the 22nd Annual Shootout held at Captain Ron's and Buccaneer Bay on August 28th and 29th.

Driver Stan Ware of Popeyes Offshore Racing and throttleman Micheal Stancombe of Lucas Oil - Peppers Offshore Racing made the winning pass on Saturday. The duo ran four times on Sunday, but the top speed was earned by them the day before. The 36' Skater with twin 525 Mercury motors also participated in Skaterfest at the Camden On-The-Lake and Horny Toad Entertainment Complex.

Stancombe said " "It was another great ride with Stan. We made 7 passes and tried to beat our own record in stock competition class but we ran out of time with the strong winds. I look forward to the next race with him to chase down our national championship for 2010 season, and look forward to teaching and training Stan Ware Jr. in the upcoming races. It isn't my father driving, and I miss racing with him, but watch out, Stan and I are a great team in the boat. My father George and I appreciate all the continued Lucas Oil support and look forward to the next SuperBoat International race in New York City September 12". Go to for more information on their incredible products.

The Popeyes team thanks their title sponsor, Secret of the Islands.

Information from Popeye's Racing

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