My Account

How do I update or add things to my profile?

Go to "My Account" in the main menu. Then in the secondary menu go to "Settings". From there you go to "Profile Settings".

How do I upload pictures to My Gallery?

Go to "My Account" in the main menu. Now, in the secondary menu click "Submit Items". From there you can upload pictures, write a story, create a poll, create a quiz or upload a video.

What is the "My Account" link for on the menu?

Clicking on "my account" will take you to your control panel for your account. Here you can see a page with a list of your friends, a bulletin with bulletins your friends have posted, a brief summary of your account information and your message center.

How do I change my password, email address, or location?

Click on "my account" then "my settings" then "account settings".

How do I change my privacy settings and email notification settings?

Click on "my account" then "my settings", and then "account settings"

How do I access my account if I forgotten or lost my password?

On the main login page, click the forgotten password link. You will need to have access to the email account that you made the account with to receive the password that the system generates for you. Staff cannot help you with as we do not have access to any ones password.

What is the "my items" tab for in my account?

If you click on "my items" you will then be able to view, delete or edit any of the items you have submitted to the site such as photos, videos, polls and quizzes.

My Gallery

How do I upload my photos to the gallery?

You may upload your photos either by accessing the gallery from the menu bar on the site or via your account page. From the site click on "Gallery" in the menu bar. In your account page, you can click on "Submit Items"

What format can my picture be in and what size does it allow?

We allow you to upload photos in the format jpg, gif or png. Make sure your photo is no bigger than 1500x1500 0r a total of 6000kb and no smaller than 175X175

When I upload my photo, it is asking me for "tags" What are tags?

Tags are keywords. They are common descriptions used to describe your photo. When someone searches the site using the tags you entered, they will find your picture. For example if you uploaded a photo of your family dog, you might want to use the following tags: dog animals pets etc. Make sure to enter tags with spaces between the words.

Where does my photo appear after I upload it?

When you upload your photo, you have the choice on who gets to view your picture. You may choose "everyone" this way it is visible in the site gallery for all to see. You may choose "friends" this way it appears only in your profile page gallery and only your friends may see it. You may choose for "nobody" to view your photo and this way it is only viewable to you and does not appear in the site gallery and it is not viewable by anyone, even your friends.

My Profile

How do I change my profile picture?

Go to "My Account" in the main menu. At the left you will see your profile picture, just click the link under your picture that says "Change Picture".

How do I update or add things to my profile?

Go to "My Account" in the main menu. The in the secondary menu go to "Settings". From there you go to "Profile Settings".

How do I upload pictures to My Gallery?

Go to "My Account" in the main menu. Now, in the secondary menu click "Submit Items". From there you can upload pictures, write a story, create a poll, create a quiz or upload a video.

How do I arrange my friends?

In your "My Account" area click on the tab "friends" Here you will be given the option on how many top friends you wish to display on your profile page. You can then drag and drop your friends from the list into the top spots. At any time you can remove friends from the top list by clicking on remove under their name. Delete friends at any time as well by clicking delete under their name.

What is the favorites tab for?

In your "my account" area you can click on "favorites" and view anything you have made "your favorites" on the site. When visiting a video, photo, song, or profile you can add them as your favorite.

If I deny or delete a friend request, does the person requesting know?

No. If you receive a friend request that you are not interested in, simply deny the request. The person who requested is never informed that you denied the request.

What is the "Report this Member" button for?

This is so members can alert the staff that there is a problem with something another member has posted, doing or has said. This makes a confidential report that only the Administrator sees and can access so complete confidentiality is maintained. The administrator does a complete investigation of the complaint. Please use this with caution because once a member is reported they are subject to being banned from the site.

Can everyone see my profile?

You decide who can see your profile. In your account settings you can choose to make your profile private by checking the box that says "only my friends may view my profile" If set to private, when someone visits your page, your profile will not display. The visitor will be given a message that your profile is set to private and the option to request a friendship with you. Once you accept a friend request, they will then be able to view your profile.

Will only my friends be able to post comments on my profile page?

In your account settings you also have the option to decide who can post comments on your profile page. By checking "only friends may post comments" enables that only your friends you have approved may post comments. Leave this box unchecked and anyone visiting your profile will be able to post a comment.

What are the stars for beside my profile picture?

On your profile page, beside your picture you will see a star(s) with a number beside them. This indicates how many points you have earned at the site.

I only want my friends to view my photos in "my gallery" on my profile page. Can I do this?

Yes. When uploading your photos you have the choice on who will be able to view that photo. If you choose "only my friends" then your photo will only display to your friends in the "my gallery" area on your profile page. If you choose "everyone" then it will be displayed in the site photo gallery as well. You can also choose for only you to view your photo and then no one else will be able to see it.

My Videos

Can I upload videos to the site?

You cannot directly upload videos to the site (who can afford that kind of bandwidth?). We may add it in the near future. What you can do is stream direct from You Tube, My Space, Google, Break, and Spike. Just grab the url to the video on any of these sites and the video will stream direct to our site.

How do I stream a video?

Go to the videos section of the site. Click on "add video" Then click on "add video stream" Enter a title for your video and choose a category. Enter some tags (descriptive keywords) separated by spaces. Enter a description for your video. Choose where you are streaming the video from in the drop down selection (Either You Tube, Google etc). Enter the url of the video stream. Click "get video". The page will re-load and display your video.

Where do the videos appear after I have streamed them?

Once you have added a video stream it will appear on your profile page, in the video section of the site and as one of the most recent videos added on the homepage of the site.

How do I rate a video?

First choose a video to watch by clicking on the title of that video. Once there, you will see a rating with stars beside it. Click on the star according to how you wish to rate the video. Clicking on the first star is the lowest rating and clicking on the fifth star gives the highest rating.

What does "share" mean under the video?

Clicking on share under a video will display a box for you to type in a member's username. You then are sending the member this video to check out.