Updated: 16:43 26 Feb 2012 NZDT

LUVMYBOAT is a boating social network that offers FREE membership to boat owners and enthusiasts, boat clubs, class associations and community agencies.

Created by passionate boaties who like nothing better than standing around swapping stories about their boats and the adventures they have had, we hope we have provided you with the Ultimate Online Interactive Boating Experience.

We aim to create a site that provides anything and everything you need to know, or want to find out about boats.

It really is all about the boats, no matter what age, shape, size or ancestry, so with this in mind we have designed the site so that you are able to create a profile for your boat along with Photos, Videos and any other information you would like to share.

Luvmyboat is a site where boat enthusiasts of all types can get in touch with like minded people who are passionate about their boats. You can find out what is happening all over the world through our Events pages and get in touch with others who have similar interests via our Groups, Blogs and Forums.

If you don't have a boat but just like looking at them or want to find out more about a particular design, feel free to signup and join our community. You may be planning to travel and want to get in touch with a club overseas so you can organise a boating adventure while you are there. You may want to crew on someone's race boat, or just find mates to go fishing or cruising with.

We feel that the Boating Clubs and Class Associations around the world are vital organisations that promote the use of boats and help encourage a love for the water and the many boating activities that are enjoyed all over the world. With this in mind Boat Clubs and Class Associations are invited to join and create a Profile so that people interested in boating can find a local club and get involved. We hope to make it easier for enthusiasts to locate  facilities and follow events wherever they are travelling. Wouldn't it be great to arrive in a strange place and know that you can arrange in advance to go sailing or boating with some of the locals and fully experience the places they know so well!

Marine Businesses are also encouraged to participate and post information to the website. Companies are able to choose an annual subscription membership that best suits the way they would like to interact with the members of our site. We want to promote local businesses and hope that this site will create invaluable links between Marine Suppliers and Service Providers and their clients - the boat clubs and owners who are located nearby.

So JOIN UP, create a profile for yourself, your boat, or the boat you would like to have, and make the most of this opportunity to become part of a worldwide community of boating enthusiasts.


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