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  • Songeur wrote:


    Thank you for your comments, I really wish I did live at
    sea, this boat is a bit small for that, she has about 4 foot 10 inches
    of cabin height and as I describe her she is like a fibreglass sleeping
    bag with a mast. She is a fantastic boat to sail tho, in the USA she
    would be called a day boat but the previous owner raced her across the
    Atlantic, then sailed her to New Zealand where I purchased her.

    Most of my friends think I'm crazy having such a small boat but you can't go past the history that comes with her.

    You could not go wrong by cutting the ties with land have done it in the past and the sense of freedom is unbelievable.

    Don't forget to holler if you have any questions.

    Regards Geoff

    Thanks for the reply Geoff, happy trails to you.  When we get a boat we will post a pic, I think we are getting a 25 footer till we decide to retire in 2 years, so we can learn to sail, we have never done this, but we are rovers and love to be on the move, thats why sailing should be very inviting.  Til then we will just envy all you great sailors! cheers! Sandy

    10/02/2009 00:41:30
  • You are envied.  We are hoping to sail in 2011, live at sea and travel all over, blowing in the wind.  Do you live at sea all year? Have you come to NorthAmerica?  We are such newbies, but so eager, with so much to learn!  We are hoping to pick up a sweet 45 footer, it will be our home.  Have a great sail!

    09/25/2009 01:15:37
  • Thanks Geoff!

    Songeur wrote:

    Hi Fantastic photo's wow.

    Regards Geoff

    06/27/2009 11:26:26